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Swirl Pots


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Swirl pots play an important role in assisting the fuel-injected engines typically used for motorsports. They are designed to ensure engines have a constant supply of fuel, even during aggressive cornering and braking. This keeps the risk of fuel pump and engine failure caused by fuel starvation to a minimum.

Although swirl pots are not usually necessary for everyday driving, if you have a modified, racing or fuel-injected car, they are a must! Here at Compbrake, we have an extensive selection of high-performance swirl pots for sale at competitive prices. We also supply sets of weld-on aluminium tank fittings in various quantities and specifications.
Base-mounted & Bulkhead-mounted Swirl Pots – Unbeatable Value and Performance!
Our range includes both base-mounted and bulkhead-mounted swirl pots. Both types are available in a variety of different capacities and specifications. All our swirl pots are manufactured from lightweight 2mm alloy. They can be polished to a shine if used with a show car and are also suitable for use with lightweight race cars.

If you’re a serious motorsports enthusiast, we’re confident you’ll notice a real difference in performance after installing your Compbrake swirl pot! Further to our swirl pots, we have an excellent selection of fuel tanks and fuel tank parts to help you maximise your car’s driving and racing performance.
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