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Track Rod/Tie Rod Ends


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Track Rod Ends for Precision Steering
Track Rod Ends are attached at each end of the steering rack, enabling smooth steering. Each track rod end includes a ball joint, which is attached to the steering knuckle for ease of movement.

When your car’s steering feels unstable or if you notice the steering wheel vibrating during travel, this could be a sign that your track rods need replacing. If you notice these issue, it is advisable to replace your track rod ends at the earliest opportunity. If the ball joint pops out of its socket, you may lose steering control.
An Extensive Selection of Track Rod Ends for Many Popular Car Makes & Models …
Compbrake offers a selection of high performance track rod ends compatible with many popular car makes and models. All our track rod ends are engineered for superior motorsports performance and available at competitive prices.

If you have enquiries about any of the products in our range, get in touch with our team today.

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