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Tie Arms


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Tie Arms (Tie Rods) – Performance Suspension Components for Motorsport
Tie arms (a.k.a tie rods) are components in your car’s suspension system and connect to the front wheels, enabling precision steering. However, as they become worn, your steering will become less responsive and you may also hear an undesirable ‘clunking’ sound.

Tie arms can also sustain instantaneous damage, following a collision or striking a curb. In most instances you can continue driving with a damaged tie arm, however replacing it when convenient is highly recommended, as it will eventually fail completely, rendering your car inoperable.
High-grade Tie Rod Components to Suit Your Requirements
Compbrake stocks a selection of high-performance tie arms, compatible with numerous car makes and models. All these products are sourced for their performance, durability and safety.

If you have queries regarding our tie arms or any of our other products, get in touch.

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