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Seat Frames


Aluminium Seat Frames for Performance Motorsports
Whilst navigating demanding rally courses, many motorsports drivers (and their passengers) involuntarily slip forward in their seats. This can be distracting and a frustrating hindrance, especially in an industry where every millisecond counts! Fortunately, investing in a good quality seat frame can go a long way in preventing this.

Secure your racing seats and drive in comfort with our adjustable seat frames! These precision-made frames are cut from lightweight HE30 aluminium and specially developed by our in-house engineers for maximum durability, longevity and performance.
Adjustable Seat Frames for Racing or Everyday Driving
Our aluminium seat frames have been developed to allow for up to 21 degrees of inclination, making them suitable for practically every motorsport application – as well as everyday use.  What’s more, the contours of the brackets are specially designed to prevent interference with any seat belt openings or edges to ensure easy operation.
Unrivalled Performance and Value
All our seat frames have an attractive raw aluminium finish and will complement your car’s interior, whilst providing stability and comfort for every trip! They’re also manufactured to FIA regulations, so you can buy with confidence. And, with such low prices, you’ll be able to conquer every corner in comfort, without breaking the bank.

Our seat frames come complete with all the necessary fixtures, however if you do need to stock up, we have a great range of fixing bolts available at the usual low Compbrake prices.

So, why not upgrade your car with seat frames from Compbrake today? We’re confident you’ll notice a real difference in terms of comfort and stability.
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