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2 Piece Disc Conversions

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Compbrake is proud to be able to offer our customers an edge over their competitors by offering 2-piece disc conversions for any make or model of car manufactured. With our conversion kits, you can easily upgrade your existing disc brakes which will considerably improve the stopping distance of the car.

They come grooved and vented to distribute the heat evenly to reduce the chances of brake fade happening on track. With the right pads fitted these disc brakes can withstand high temperatures developed from continuous hard braking making them the perfect choice for any track day car, racing car or rally stage event car.

We’re a comprehensive stockist of 2-piece brake discs who are based in the UK and provides our customers with only the best products for their beloved track day weapons.

Compbrake manufactures its own disc brakes and develops unique ways to improve the effectiveness and durability of every product we develop. We have keen attention to detail when it comes to motorsports products and we understand what it takes to not just ensure that the products are right for the vehicle but to also improve the experience of the driver.
Our disc brakes are 40% lighter and are suitable for vehicles up to 500BHP. Our disc brakes are made from high-quality materials to ensure they offer the best stopping power on the market. All our 2-piece disc brake conversions can be delivered worldwide.

If you’re unable to find the right 2-piece disc brake conversion kit for your high-performance car. We can help you source or manufacture the 2-piece disc brakes for your make and model.

Call us today on 01744 89588 or email us using our Contact Form and we will provide you with a quote for your brake disc conversion kit for whatever make and model you’re looking for.

Worldwide Shipping Available