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Brake Calipers

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Brake calipers play a vital role in the braking system of any car. However, as with anything mechanical they suffer from wear and tear over time. When this happens it is important that you get them replaced as soon as possible. This is particularly important when it comes to  performance cars that often travel at high speeds especially on the track and in rallying. 

High Performance Brake Calipers

Here at Comprake we are proud to be recognised as a leading provider of high performance brake calipers suitable for use in track race and rallying events. Our custom built brake calipers are designed and manufactured in house by our highly skilled and experienced team. As such we are able to deliver high-performance brake solutions for all makes and models of cars. Our extensive range includes both front and rear calipers all of which are developed by our expert team here in the UK. 

What is the Main Purpose of Brake Calipers

 Brake caliper are an important component within the braking system that also houses  the brake pads and pistons. When you press the brake pedal, the caliper clamps the brake pads onto the brake disc, generating friction. This friction is what slows your car down and brings it to a safe stop.

How do you Know if your Brake Calipers Need Replacing 

Brake calipers like any other car part will start to wear over time especially if they have been subjected to excessive use. Other things such as collisions can also damage your brake calipers. When it is time to replace your brake calipers each time you press the brake pedal you are likely to experience vibrations or a rattling noise. The reason for this is that the calipers will not be creating the friction needed to stop your vehicle. Some other tell tale signs that your brake calipers are worn include: 

  •  Your car will start to pull to one side.
  • You will see the  brake warning light on the dashboard.
  • Smoke may start to come from your wheels in the vicinity of the brake pads, or you may experience a  burning smell.
  • You may notice fluid leaking form your wheels

Having fully functioning calipers is essential when it comes to safe driving even more so in a high speed environment like motorsport. So, if you are concerned your brake calipers are becoming worn it is imperative you get them replaced immediately. If you are looking for high quality, bespoke, competitively priced front or rear brake calipers get in touch with the team here at Compbrake today. 

Top Quality Performance Brake Calipers from Compbrake 

4 AND 6 POT Performance Brake Calipers

Our 4 and 6 POT brake kits are a direct replacement for your existing calipers and will put you ahead of your competitors with improved stopping distances from high speeds.

Made from a solid billet of aluminium you can be sure that when buying from Compbrake you’re receiving a high-end product which is used by ARDS qualified drivers who have tested our products thoroughly in race conditions.

Why Choose Compbrake for Bespoke Performance Brake Calipers 

There are a number of very good reasons why our brake Kits are an extremely popular upgrade for motorsports enthusiasts. Designed and manufactured in house our performance brake calipers are the perfect upgrade for high powered vehicles that need to be able to stop quickly to maximise their lap times.

When you have a custom brake system, it will help greatly improve performance and handling. Without high quality brakes you could be left behind,  as your braking point will be far less than your competitors.


If you cannot find calipers for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us via our online contact form or call us on 01744 895 888.

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