Autosport Show 2015 Birmingham NEC – Day 2

We received a really nice comment out of the blue today about our effort at the show and the customer kindly agreed to allow us to share it with you…

Attention Sales and Marketing:

Your stand at the NEC looked great as you displayed a vast range of product.

This made you “Stand Out” as others had made a very poor effort, and it was hard to identify what their business was, unless you previously knew their Trade Name.

<name removed> was a good example, not showing their core products.

Regards Ian….

Comments like this make us all very proud and make shows like this worth the effort that we put into them. They also make us even more determined to try even harder to deliver everything we can for you our customers!

Thanks for your kind words Ian and for allowing us to share them.

Klint and the Compbrake Team